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After starting several cults in his hometown, Joey Trips moved to Los Angeles, California to create the garage punk band Cuss Face. While in LA, Joey met a drummer named Adam Trips, and the first incarnation of Cuss Face was born.

Adam Trips is a non-flesh being who came into existence several thousand years ago. His current flesh body was grown in an underwater facility by Dr. Albert Biglstein in the early 1980s after Joey Trips contacted Dr. Biglstein through a special communication technology. Adam enjoys hamburgers, female humans, and playing drums in Cuss Face.

After writing a few songs together, Joey and Adam realized Cuss Face needed a bass player. Through some of Adam’s spirit world connections and Joey’s special abilities, the two friends were able to work something out to bring Mike Trips to the current time period.

Mike Trips is an A.I. hologram patterned after the human Joey Trips. Mike was created by a scientist from the year 2071 named Jim and then sent to the year 2020 to join Cuss Face. Mike likes 1990s gangster rap, vintage video games, and playing bass guitar in Cuss Face.

Cuss Face is influenced by artists such as Ramones, Weezer, The Hives, and FIDLAR. The band happily describe their music as purposeless. They've even been quoted saying, “We find a deep sense of meaning in the utter meaninglessness of our music.”